Success Stories

At first they’ll ask you why you’re doing it.
Later they’ll ask you how you did it.

Dianne Rahim

I started Gutsy World to kickstart a healthier lifestyle… I’ve lost over a stone in weight..I have a lot more energy and I’m sleeping better…

The thing I like about the program is the fact that when you meet Glenda for the first consultation she immediately makes you feel comfortable, there is no awkwardness and she listens to your concerns. Every meeting is on a one to one basis which was very important for me. I love all the recipes that you have access to on the website and my kids love them too… I reached my goal on the 19th of April and I was delighted. I feel confident and energetic.. I can’t thank Glenda enough for her encouragement and help, I couldn’t have done it without her..

Total Weight Loss 17.5lbs and 8% Body Fat

Louise Bradley

For the past two and a half years my weight has been going up and up, I had tried a few times to improve my diet and the odd phases of starting exercise but my busy lifestyle with a baby and working full time it never lasted and nothing changed.

I visited my doctor at the end of November last year and she advised that I needed to lose weight to improve my health, by this stage I had stopped buying new clothes and started avoiding looking in the mirror so you could say I was in denial as to how bad things had got. My doctor suggested I look into the Gutsy World programme online, so I went home and signed up to see Glenda that week. I didn’t know what to expect but I liked the idea of the one to one meeting that could be booked in advance for a time slot that suited.

After my first meeting with Glenda, I felt really positive, I actually felt that this is something that I could stick to, as it focuses on eating healthy nutritious food that I could cook for the whole family. I am a mum and work full time so I needed something to fit around my busy lifestyle, and Gutsy World really has delivered on this – the website is full of easy healthy recipes and sticking to the 0123 plan is a lot easier than I thought it would be. But what really provides the motivation for me is meeting with Glenda each week and tracking my progress, not just seeing the pounds going down but also seeing my health improving as a whole through all the measurements Gutsy World tracks. Even if I have not had the best week, Glenda is never judgmental and always helps you see the positive side. She is always on hand to provide healthier alternatives to something you may be really craving.

I have now reached my target and have lost 25 pounds since starting in December 2017 and that is from mainly just following the guidance on food. I am now trying to fit in the time to incorporate exercise into my plan and the website also includes some easy to follow at home workouts. I am now preparing lunches and dinners and automatically going for the healthier options without it being a sacrifice, instead I’m enjoying my food much more as well as all the health benefits that comes with it. I have so much more energy and feel much better all round. I really cannot thank Glenda and Gutsy World Program enough for all the help and support in reaching my overall health and weight loss goals

Total Weight Loss 28lbs and 10% Body Fat

Angela Gallanagh

As a member of Gutsy World I have received first class customer service, including the unique approach of providing nutritional advice tailored to my personal health and fitness goals.

At the initial consultation Glenda is enthusiastic and knowledgeable and most importantly approachable and empathetic. Glenda and business partner Billy understand that eating the right food and exercising every single day in our busy life is not always realistic. They will help you make lifestyle changes to suit your life which will make a huge difference to your health and wellbeing.

Glenda worked with me to set goals which were both challenging yet realistic and provided the tools & encouragement to ensure I achieved my goals. Whilst following the programme my energy levels improved, my body fat percentage decreased, muscle mass increased and in addition two minor health issues were resolved.

The Gutsy World Program focus is on your overall health rather than just weight loss which is a different approach to many of their competitors. In a marketplace crowded with quick fix fad diets and unrealistic weight loss plans Gutsy World is a welcome addition. Gutsy World educates and encourages clients to return to home cooking, eat real food and get moving. It is simple and makes sense!”

Martina McDaid

I started my health journey as I thought enough was enough. A few years back I had major surgery and since then when I put on weight my body feels strained and uncomfortable. I got to the stage where I thought I just can’t put on anymore weight, my body would struggle. I also had a wedding coming up, so I thought of this as a great incentive to start getting back on track. At this stage I felt overweight, tired, bloated and was really beginning to feel down about my weight.

I had heard from many people in my local area that Gutsy World was the way to go for any weight loss or digestive issues I may have been having. I was told the one to one sessions, along with weekly tracking and a quick discussion were a great way to keep anyone motivated. This appealed to me as previously when I have been trying to lose weight I have attended group sessions. Yes, there was weekly weigh ins but I found the talks often weren’t specific for me and I would lose interest.

I have really enjoyed my experience with Gutsy World. At the start some of the changes I had to make were difficult. However, I found the initial meeting where Glenda explained to me what changes in my diet I had to make and why really helped me to understand why I was doing things. I am now eating much healthier and I am aware of the foods I am taking into my body.

I find the one to one sessions each week very helpful and personal, where we have a quick discussion on how my week went. I also find it very useful looking at all elements of my bodies health and not just weight loss e.g. muscle mass, metabolic age etc. Ideas about dishes and different ways to eat food is also very helpful.

Over the last few months I have not just lost weight, but I am feeling better in myself. I feel healthier, no longer bloated and a lot more confident in myself and the choices I make when eating. My experience in Gutsy World has been an extremely positive journey, that I look forward to continuing.

Annette Houston

I began my journey with Glenda at Gutsy World in March this year. It followed a two year battle with myself that I had my eating habits under control, despite the clothes I wore gradually getting tighter by the month. I had my daughter in 2015 and while I lost a lot of the weight and size fairly soon after I had her, like most women I had those stubborn last inches to shed.

I knew I was training enough and I was telling myself that my eating habits were fine but despite the efforts I was so frustrated I wasn’t making any headway. It’s about then I seen the ad online for Glenda’s service. I signed up and was given a full walk through of the foods allowed and loads of advice around what nutrients I might have been lacking that were resulting in symptoms I had.

I found the program really easy to follow and Glenda is so knowledgeable around how much nutrition effects your overall health. This is not a diet and I haven’t had drastic quick results. I have changed my eating habits and steadily I have reached my 1st target of both both weight and body fat percentage.

Some of the things I love is that I now know what foods are better for me. I don’t feel hungry or deprived at all and I can eat loads of foods that make me feel great. My mind is clearer as I’m eating very little sugar and lots of healthy fats.

Overall a great experience so far and it’s still early days. Can’t wait to hit the next target Glenda. Thanks again!!!

Today is a good day to start

Today is a good day to start