Our programme isn’t just for people who are starting out on a health and fitness journey, it is also for those who are already living that life and just need additional motivation and advice. There’s something for everybody!

I joined Gutsy World in October 2016. I was already doing a lot of training and eating fairly healthy. During the weeks I was focused but perhaps having too many treats come the weekend. I wanted motivation to bring down my body fat and I thought that the feeling of being held accountable every Thursday at weigh-in would help to keep me focused.

I had heard great things about the Gutsy World programme from friends so I took the plunge and joined. The weekly weigh-in was great and helped to keep me focused.

The weigh-in is somewhat more than just a “weight” weigh-in. Glenda’s scales also measure and monitor your body fat content, muscle mass and water content. I found it really interesting each week to see how my statistics changed. I was doing a lot of weight training at the time and I enjoyed seeing the muscle mass rise each week with the body fat decreasing. I’m delighted with my current body fat loss of 9% and my being able to see lbs increase in muscle mass week on week.

The clean eating plan is somewhat like what that I had already been doing myself but the advice Glenda offered was second to none. She’s a highly knowledgeable lady and is eager to pass on her wealth of knowledge to the members.

The programme is focused around clean eating, from non-processed foods. The programme is very informative and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about clean eating.

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