As we are just over one celebratory weekend and fast approaching  another  I’ve written down a few tips on how to stay on track over Easter and at the weekends.

Whether it’s at a family get together or dinner and drinks with the girls it’s a dead cert that you will be confronted with something as tasty as mouth watering melted cheese & beef nachos, a to die for dessert and of course the million dollar question ‘a beer or wine?’

Food is at the centre of nearly everything we celebrate with all the other lovely human beings in our life so we are not going to and don’t want to avoid it!

Life does not have to stop when it comes to socialising though, but it does take a small bit of forward planning to stay in control and not undo all the hard work that you have achieved so far!


1. Go low on starchy carbs – avoid eating too many portions from this group, go easy on things like chips, mash, pasta and fill up on veg. And tossed salads as a side. Ordering a portion of sautéed mushrooms or veg. with your fillet steak or a tossed salad with your chicken bang bang will cost you a lot less calories and a few less lbs on the scales come weigh in day!

2. Starter instead of dessert – If it’s a starter, main and dessert kind of a doo, go for starters and main and ditch the dessert. Generally speaking, starters have fewer calories and less sugar added to them. I find if I know where I’m eating, I look at the menu online before I go, decide what I’m having and feel in control over the evening, then I really enjoy the food and feel good because I stick to my plan and don’t over do it.

3. Exercise that day – Bang out a good hard workout during that day. Go hard for 30 – 45 minutes which will earn you up to 300 – 500 calories and leave you feeling deserving of your night out. A nice fresh walk the next day will blow off the cobwebs!

4. Eat big at home and eat small out – If you know you are going somewhere that there just won’t be any healthier options, eat your healthy meal before you leave the house, feel well satisfied and hopefully it will stop you over eating when you get there. Eat a started or just a few small pieces then when you get there!

5. Choose your drink wisely – Choose your drink carefully. A glass of wine has approx 150 calories and a clear spirit (vodka or gin) with soda water and fresh lime has approx 70 calories! Fizzy drinks are really high in calories and sugar and diet drinks are very low in calories but are packed with artificial sweeteners that aren’t great all. Sparkling or still water is a fantastic option, they are healthy and have zero calories!


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